You might want to look into consulting with a Nutritionist or Dietician for various reasons for better health and fitness or to know more about eating right. At Nutritantrums Nutrition, we believe in understanding what you are looking for and gradually modify your diet plans to bringing permanent changes in your life for better health. Changing nutrition behaviour based on your comfort level, age, genes, goals, time lines and other factors determine the success of the Nutrition plan.

The main aim is going to be learning and educating ourselves about food and the relationships we share with itand of course, encouraging everyone around us to get onto a healthier lifestyle as well.



We'll connect over coffee and cookies (yes its OK once in a while !!) every single month at my clinic and talk about how staying healthy is easy and fun if you are willing to take that plunge. And if you aren't then... nutritionist, inch loss expert and health expert in dubai will be your stop to get encouraged to be your fittest best!

"Let's make health and weight loss a non- gimmick, low fuss love affair we have with our body!"