Nutrition for Glow

Heal By Nutrition

Planning for the best day of your life. Everything needs to be perfect. The groom, the bride, the party, the food, the dress, the looks. The list is endless and the stress can be somewhat unrelenting.

The stress and work stacked up to make all this perfection can show on you not so well. So as the day nears, we are worried about our skin, hair and weight and the non-existent glow. You will be the cynosure of all those assessing eyes and thought of you looking anything but your best can take those pre-wedding jitters to a whole new level. But the sleepless nights, disturbed eating, besieging relatives, and speed shopping, leaves the bride/groom dull and stressed.

Unfortunately, a gorgeous gown or the most expensive sari can only take you half way there. The true path to looking and feeling amazing is paved by a healthy fitness and nutrition routine that starts long before you take the matrimonial plunge. At Nutritantrums Nutrition we will work with you for the months and weeks before your D-day making sure the limelight stays on you!


Having a dream body with flawless skin, beautiful curves and boundless energy is every bride's wish. Women undergo so many treatments to ensure they’ll have the healthiest skin and hair possible for their wedding day.

A healthy diet makes sure you are up that energy that you need to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. The factor that your skin will be the best it has ever been with or without the makeup. Most importantly have a body that is perfectly shaped for the expensive dress. Your diet and nutrition plan puts that extra sparkle of health in that fabulous toned body.
At Nutritantrums Nutrition we will ensure the radiant bride shines with health and happiness and sails away with her groom to the happily ever after horizon.


Many people assume that brides are the only ones who bother thinking about their wedding appearance. Men need the killer looks too. This is the one day when manly pride needs to be put aside to make way for a little metro-sexual pampering. Look even better while ripping your shirt off on your honeymoon! Invest in your Nutrition Planning and Supplementation for that killer body, skin and muscle.

It is your special day and every Queen needs a King. At Nutritantrums Nutrition we will tone you up and make sure you look like you belong on that throne.